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Davva is a healthcare app which helps you connect to pharmacies, doctors, diagnostic and therapy centers along with digitally storing your medical reports and allowing you to set medicine reminders.

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Davva Partner is an app for healthcare partners providing services through the Davva app. The partners can manage and process daily requests through the app along with get an analysis and overview of their activities. Currently Davva services are only available in the United Arab Emirates and we are working hard to increase our presence in the region and beyond.


  • The app allows healthcare partners to receive new requests from potential customers and process them by delivering medicines in the case of pharmacies or scheduling appointments in case of diagnostic/therapy centers.
  • The partner has access to the customer’s information when a request is placed so that the health insurance and other details of the customer can be used to process the request.
  • Partners can keep track of the status of a request, generate invoices and have a digital record of the requests they process.The support section in the app allows the partners to contact their dedicated relationship manager and even tweak their working hours as per their preferences.
  • Partners can also view both, brief and detailed reports of the business done through the Davva app with a click of a button.

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